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Watercolour Mediums and Additives

Masking Fluid Set white

This set of White Masking fluid, Masking Fluid Brushes and the Ruling Pen will help improve your use of masking fluid no end!   White Masking Fluid is ideal to cover up...


Frisk Masking Fineliner

Finally, you can achieve the finest precision and sharpest lines from your favourite masking fluid.    Masking Fineliner offers you a 'pin-point' 0.5mm applicator that gives you the most accurate lines ideal...


sennelier drawing gum with applicator

Masking fine details is easier and more efficient with Sennelier Masking Fluid and Drawing Gum. The applicator lets you squeeze out lines directly from the bottle like a drawing instrument. Both...

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Winsor Newton granulation medium 75ml

This increases the granulation of colour, giving a mottled appearance to colours which usually give a smooth wash (e.g. Phthalo Blue), or enhancing the effect of granulating colours (e.g.Ultramarine) For maximum...


Winsor Newton gum arabic 75ml

A pale coloured solution that controls the spread of wet colour, reduces staining & slows drying. Also increases gloss & transparency. Dilute with water as required.


Watercolour Medium 75ml

Maimeri Watercolour mediums are the finest available, created from the purest ingredients - the best guarantee of brilliance and vibrancy. This medium increases watercolour transparency and brightness. It improves adhesion...


Ox Gall 75ml

Just a few drops of Maimeri Ox Gall Medium increases the fluidity of watercolours. Maimeri Watercolour mediums are the finest available, created from the purest ingredients - the best guarantee...


Artist Masking Latex 75ml

Composed of natural rubber latex, ammonia, and water, this milky fluid masks out surfaces. It dries to a flexible and water resistant film that is easy to remove. It is...

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W&N Iridescent medium for watercolours 75ml

This medium gives pearlescent or glitter effects to water colours and is particularly effective when mixed with transparent colours especially over dark backgrounds. Mix with transparent water colour or apply over...