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Sennelier Artist Quality Acrylics

Since 1887, the Sennelier name has been synonymous with quality, artist-driven innovation, and an unfailing commitment to the advancement of art. Now, Sennelier has turned its expertise, experience, and unerring eye for colour to creating a line of artist-quality acrylics.

Sennelier Extra-Fine Artist Acryliques contain only the highest-quality pigments, selected to assure clarity, purity, opacity, and stability over time. A broad palette of 120 colours, most made from a single pigment, includes all the colours that made Sennelier’s Artists’ Oils famous, including traditional Ultramarines, Earths, Ochres, Cadmiums, Cobalts, and colours based on Quinacridone, Pyrrole, Naphthol, and Phthalocyanine. The line also features four interference and six iridescent colours.

Available in 60ml tubes

Click here to watch the Sennelier acrylics in action