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Palettes And Dippers

Frisk Large Plastoc Oblong Palette

As used by Frank Halliday. A very popular plastic palette for watercolour artists. The Large Plastic Oblong Palette has 12 outer wells that measure 2cms wide x 2.5cms long that slant...


Classic Ceramic Combo Basin and Palette Combo

Classic Basin & Palette Combo - Over the years it has been established that a large water basin needed almost constant changing. This 5 section palette has deep wells which allow...


Classic Ceramic Artist Palette

Classic Artist Palette - This 42cm palette is reminiscent of the traditional artist palette. It has four large wells and a generously sized mixing area. It has the advantage of allowing artists...


Classic Ceramic Butchers Tray

Measuring 30x40cm by 5cm high, this impressive tray is smooth at the bottom and is heavyweight so it won't move about when you are painting. Much better than metal coated...


Porcelain Palette Classic 18cm Diameter Sectional

Made of fine grade glazed porcelain this palette features a sturdy metal tray with handles that hold the seven sections of the palette in place. The advantage of this palette over...


Frisk Peel Clean Acrylic Palette

Take your colour mixing to the next level with this Peel-Clean Acrylic Palette! This hard-wearing plastic palette has been developed and designed with artists' in mind. The 'Peel-Clean' design means that...


Empty metal watercolour tin 48 half pans

Black enamel exterior and white enamel interior with foldout palette wells, comes with a handheld size of 21.3 x 10.8 x 2cm LWH. Holds 48 half pans- empty half pans can...

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Porcelain circular palette with 12 mixing wells

Porcelain circular palette with 12 mixing wells, 10 around the outside and 2 in the middle.180mm diameter.


Premier Deep Well Palette Box

Supplied complete with a useful separate mixing tray and 20 deep pigment wells, this rigid, airtight sealed box is perfect for keeping your paints fresher for longer. 35 x 25 x...


Atelier Interactive Acrylic Keep-Wet Palette Refill Pack

Refill your Palette with 12 fresh membranes and 3 sheets of Atelier Keep-Wet-Paper; you'll be able to store and reactivate your acrylics for weeks after using them.


Ceramic Multi-Mixing Palette

A handy ceramic palette with 8 mixing wells.Size: 24 x 17.5cm


Ceramic Mixing Tray

A large ceramic mixing tray, ideal for large, loose colour mixing. Size: 19 x 15.5 x 1cm


Atelier Interactive Acrylic Keep-Wet Palette

This palette can help acrylic artists in two distinct ways. If you are planning to use the palette during just one painting session, it can be used without any paper...


Plastic palette with easel attachment

A lightweight folding watercolour palette- made of sturdy hard plastic. • 15 colour compartments for tube colour• 7 deep mixing wells• Complete with easel attachment• Size open: 24 x 20cm •...

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Mijello Artelier Airtight Palette

Mijello Trucolor Neutral Grey Palettes Neutral grey palettes are perfect for mixing true, natural colours in oils and acrylics!2-piece palette includes a snap-on lid with an air-tight rubber gasket.Airtight construction keeps...

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Acryl-a-miser palette

Acryl A Miser Air Tight Palette System Waste less acrylic paint! Save colour blends for up to 2 weeks! Never needs washing - paint just peels off!...


Plastic folding palette 25 well 20x10cm

10x20x1.5cm when closed  

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Plastic palette with soft plastic lid

anti leaking design, preventing colour leaking out suitable for gouache or water colour size: 21.5x12x2.5cm     24x wells soft cover

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Prime Art Disposable Palette 250g 9 x12 10 sht

Pads with individual sheets of waxy paper for mixing oil and acrylic paints Can be re-used and disposed of once saturated


porcelain palette 9 well flower

Porcelain palettes are a great alternative for mixing paint. They're weighty so they won't move around while in use, and will last for years due to their sturdy construction. Porcelain palettes...


Prime Art Disposable Palette 60g 9 x12 40 sht

Pads with individual sheets of waxy paper for mixing oil and acrylic paints Can be re-used and disposed of once saturated


Prime Art Disposable Palette 60g 12 x16 40 sht

Pads with individual sheets of waxy paper for mixing oil and acrylic paints Can be re-used and disposed of once saturated

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Sterling Edwards Big Brush Palette

Accommodates Brushes Up To 2" Wide! Allows quick transitions between pre-mixed glazing colors  Allows pre-mixing of up to 8 glazing washes plus 14 colors Large slanting wells allow...