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Maimeri HD Transparent

A fully transparent range of oil paints

In today's technology-driven world, what does it mean to "look at a picture"?

It means something very different from only a decade ago. Instead of holding a piece of Kodak paper and viewing the reflected image, invariably "looking at a picture" now often means turning on a smartphone screen or an iPad or a laptop and seeing a very different, backlit image.

To recognize and celebrate the way our brains perceive and process this new way of seeing colour, Maimeri embarked on an ambitious project to bring this intense colour experience to the artist's palette.

Originally conceived as an acrylic project, it soon became apparent that an acrylic resin could not provide the brightness and intensity that was necessary for the concept, so a finely tuned mixture of traditional oils became the vehicle of choice. The result is Maimeri HD Oils, an extremely bright collection of 29 transparent colours, all lightfast except for the two fluorescent colours.

For the first time in Maimeri's colour-making history, all of the colours have names in the English language only, reflecting a modern, hi-tech take on colour intended to entice younger artists to experiment with oil paint.

Unless painting in thick layers, Olio HD can be expected to dry under normal conditions in 24 to 48 hours.

In keeping with Maimeri's commitment to being environmentally responsible, Olio HD tubes are 100% recyclable Coex plastic with transparent areas so that the paint colour can be readily seen by the artist.

Available in 75ml tubes