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Graphite Pencils


If you love shading, the hexagonal Lyra Art Design pencil is for you: the perfect way to get to the heart of your drawing and unleash unexpected creativity.
It will create light-and-shade effects for illustrations and drawings with a vintage look.
Art Design pencils are encased in pure cedar wood with an ultra-fine, extra-resistant graphite lead.


These solid graphite crayons are perfect for sketching, layout work and shading large areas. The hexagon shaped crayons measure 12cm long and 12mm in diameter, and have a removable paper wrapping.
Also available are water-soluble graphite crayons. The water-soluble variety may be used with a brush and water for monochromatic watercolor effects and are non-staining and erasable when dry.

Have a look at this video to see some  examples of what you can do with water soluble graphite: Water Soluble Graphite