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Experimental Landscapes in Watercolour with Ann Blockley book

Artist Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative approach to traditional subjects. Following the huge success of her previous book, Experimental Flowers in Watercolour, she now explores ways to interpret...

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Jean Haines' Atmospheric Flowers in Watercolour book

ABOUT JEAN HAINES’ ATMOSPHERIC FLOWERS IN WATERCOLOUR If you want to breathe energy and atmosphere into your flower painting, this is the book for you.If you want to breathe energy and atmosphere...


Learn Acrylics Quickly with Soraya French book

Want to paint in acrylics? With step-by-step demonstrations, an expert artist shows you how to master the medium in no time at all! Painter, teacher, and writer Soraya French has distilled...


Learn Oils Quickly book by Hazel Soan

A practical guide to learn painting in oils, with simple exercises and step-by-step demonstrations.Bestselling artist and writer Hazel Soan has distilled her art teaching into the things that matter most...


Light and Shade in Watercolour Book by Hazel Soan

Bestselling artist and author explains how to use light and shade in watercolour painting to add lifelike detail and create engaging artworks. Mastering light and shadow is the key to...


Creating Abstract Art with Dean Nimmer Book

You'll love this abstract painting book if:You are interested in painting abstractlyYou are looking for new ideas about abstract artYou want to explore techniques for successful abstract paintingsOvercome the familiar...


Vibrant Oils Book with Haidee-Jo Summers

A friendly, accessible and inspiring course in oil painting from a member of the prestigious Royal Institute of Oil Painters.Haidee-Jo Summers' artwork is filled with light and vibrancy. Her friendly,...


The Essence of Watercolour Book (paperback) with Hazel Soan

A paperback reissue of Hazel Soan's classic practical art book.Hazel Soan is one of the foremost exponents of loose watercolour working today and it's the quality of light that suffuses...


Watercolour Rainbow Book with Hazel Soan

This is not so much a book about colour as about how to use colour. As practical as you would expect from Hazel Soan, it's a look at how colour...


Life Drawing Book with Eddie Armer

It hardly seems possible that this 96 page book can contain such a variety of techniques, styles, exercises and examples!In the introduction, Eddie tells us that, "Results may be loose...


Learn Colour in Painting Quickly with Hazel Soan Book

Discover how to access new worlds of colour with Hazel Soan!Whether you are using watercolour, oils or acrylic, Learn Colour In Painting Quickly demonstrates how to use colour more effectively...


Watercolour World with Anna Mason Book

This engaging guide to painting a wide variety of natural subjects is packed with information and inspiration.Although there are plenty of step-by-step demonstrations, this is not just a technical manual,...

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Watercolour Workshop Book with Ann Blockley

An inspirational book for artists looking to unlock the potential of watercolour painting!Ann Blockley is renowned for her innovative appraoch to watercolour painting. In this inspirational book, she shares a...

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Painting Perspective Depth and Distance

Clear, practical and easy-to-follow, this book draws the reader into understanding the principles of perspective using simple techniques, tips and step-by-step demonstrations.


Figure Drawing: A Complete Guide

Highly recommended!!! This is an essential guide for anyone learning to draw the human figure. Starting with the basics of drawing techniques, Civardi gives expert advice on understanding human form and...


Artist's Sketchbook - Exercises and Techniques for Sketching on the Spot by Cathy Johnson

Grab your pen and seize the day! Make art a part of your everyday life, and everyday life a part of your art. Vast opportunities and great joy await you as...


Watercolour Flower Portraits Book with Billy Showell

Billy Showell's exquisite and technically brilliant watercolour flower portraits are beautifully presented in this highly informative, lavishly illustrated book. Packed with information on drawing and painting techniques, colour mixing and...


Discover Your World in Pen, Ink & Watercolor Book with Claudia Nice

Achieve exciting effects with minimal effort and maximum "wow!" Pen and ink adds a whole new dimension to the loose, lovely look of watercolour. In this book, popular artists and bestselling...


Paint Yourself Calm Book with Jean Haines

Meditative, peaceful and calming, watercolour painting offers a sense of control and self-worth to everyone, with no judgement or goal beyond the joy of painting itself. This book shows you...


Experimental Flowers in Watercolour Book (Hardback) with Ann Blockley

Well-known watercolour painter Ann Blockley presents flowers through a variety of interpretations, from traditional to unconventional in both technique and concept. In this exciting new book she really pushes the...


Drawing Masterclass: Perspective with Tim Fisher

Although it's billed as a masterclass, this refreshingly straightforward guide isn't afraid to tackle the basics of this perennially tricky subject.On the face of it, perspective is simple: there's a...


Life Drawing Book with Robert Barrett

The human figure presents an infinite number of opportunities and challenges and this intriguing book will help you meet them all.Working for the most part in charcoal and monochrome hard...

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Learn Watercolour Quickly with Hazel Soan

This brilliant book has been designed for busy people wanting to learn how to paint. Created by bestselling artist and writer Hazel Soan, it's bursting with simple, step by step...


Botanical Painting with Coloured Pencils Ann Swan

This beautifully illustrated book is the first practical step-by-step guide to using coloured pencils in botanical painting and is written by Ann Swan, one of the top exponents of the...

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Botanical Painting in Watercolour book

In this beautiful book, Billy Showell provides a fascinating and invaluable insight into the materials, methods and techniques she uses to produce stunning botanical paintings in watercolour. Billy Showell is a...


A-Z of Flower Portraits Book

Billy Showell is a well-respected contemporary artist whose watercolour flower portraits have earned her the respect of watercolour artists all over the world. Worked to the same degree of accuracy...


Jean Haines' Atmospheric Watercolours Book

Jean Haines explores the creative possibilities of one of watercolour's best tricks, showing you how it can be used for abstraction as well as enhanced reality. While all of her...

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